How to Check Your Roof for Hail Damage

Posted on May 24 2023 - 10:00am by Paige Brown, Managing Editor
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By Lizzie Weakley 

Hailstorms are a common occurrence in many parts of the world. While the impact may seem minor at first, the effects of hail on your roof can accumulate over time and eventually lead to significant damage. If you've recently experienced a hailstorm, it's essential to inspect your roof to ensure there is no damage. This blog post is going to walk you through the steps on how to check your roof for hail damage.

Start With a Visual Inspection
The first step towards checking your roof for hail damage is by conducting a visual inspection. Visually inspect your roof for any obvious damage such as missing shingles, dents, or cracks on the roof surface. It is crucial to conduct this inspection from the ground level since climbing on your roof can be dangerous. You can use a pair of binoculars to inspect all areas of your roof.

Inspect the Gutters and Downspouts
The next step towards checking for hail damage is to inspect the gutters and downspouts. Look for any dirt and debris that has accumulated in your gutters. If you see any dents, dings, or scratches on your gutters or downspouts, there's a high chance that your roof has hail damage.

Check the Shingles
The shingles are the most susceptible part of your roofing system during a hailstorm. When inspecting for hail damage, start by checking the shingles. Look for any missing or cracked shingles or granules that are knocked off the surface. If you find any of these signs, the likelihood is that your roof has been damaged by hail, and you should have it inspected by a roofing professional.

Inspect the Flashing
The flashing on your roof provides a watertight seal to your roof. If your roof is subjected to hail damage, the flashing may weaken and become loose, which can lead to further damage. Look for any damage to the flashing and ensure that it is secured in place.

Call for Professional Inspection
If you've gone through the steps above and found any damage on your roof, it's wise to schedule a professional roof inspection. A roofing contractor has the expertise and specialized equipment to inspect your roof for any hail damage and provide the best course of action to take.

Hailstorms can cause a great deal of damage to your roofing system. Checking for hail damage is essential, and as explained above, you can do it yourself without climbing on your roof. Starting with a visual inspection, then checking gutters, shingles, and flashing, you can identify if there is any damage. If you do find any damage, contact a roofing professional immediately before it gets worse.

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.