5 DIY Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays

Posted on Nov 17 2016 - 4:10pm by Gabrielle van Welie

Santa Claus is coming to town, so we need to get our wrapping A-game on. The thing is, as cute as snowmen wrapping paper is, we’ve all seen it. A million times. Every Christmas. Aunt Sally could really use a new style. The important thing is that, whether Aunt Sally made it here herself or she’s just “asking for a friend,” we’ve got her covered with these alternative wrapping ideas.

Brown Paper Gift Wrap
What you’ll need:
Uncoated wrapping paper, white acrylic paint, paint brush

brown paper

I found this simple, yet artsy DIY idea from Go Forth. All you have to do is roll out a generous amount of paper and splatter it with some paint. Think of yourself as a kind of Jackson Pollock and just therapy-splatter the living heck out of your brown wrapping paper. You can add accents like the black string used above or just present it solo.

Kid-Friendly Wrap
What you’ll need:
Uncoated white wrapping paper, crayons, washi tape

kids wrap

Cute, I know. Craftionary recommends this for kids who have to wait to open their presents. It’s like doodling on a Starbucks cup, except less hipster and with a much shorter lifespan. But, hey - all you have to do is wrap the gift and attach the crayons with some washi tape and voila. For extra fun, psychoanalyze your kids’ drawings before they tear the whole thing up.

Pringles Cookie Can Wrap
What you’ll need:
Thoroughly cleansed Pringles cans, scrapbook paper, glue, bows for fun


Recycling has never looked so good, am I right? Fun Squared has come up with a Pinterest project that will actually make you feel good about yourself (because it’ll work). You even get to do several delightful things like A) eat all the Pringles, B) bake cookies and eat the leftovers, and C) gift the most stylish cookies ever. All you have to do is assemble these bad boys and ensure your cookies will fit inside the cans. Don’t want to commit to a huge can? Pringles come in smaller sizes, young grasshoppers.

Black Wrapping Paper & Metallic Markers
What you’ll need:
Black wrapping paper and some metallic Sharpie markers


Ling Yeung B’s amazingly chic gift wrapping idea is awesome for two reasons. One, if you’re really artsy you can accomplish some of the most intricate patterns shown above. And two, if you’re as artistically challenged as I am, just writing “To: Dad” and “From: Favorite Daughter” is still bound to come across as sophisticated. He might even believe that you got him really expensive cufflinks when in reality, it’s just another tie.

Furoshiki Wrap
What you’ll need:
Um, furoshiki wrap


If you care for the environment, Evermine has just the thing for you. Actually, all of Japan does. Furoshiki is a reusable wrapping cloth that you are invited to think of as origami. There are so many different ways to go about wrapping things with furoshiki, no gift can escape. Don’t worry, the furoshiki page comes with instructions. And evidently, if the cloth is nice, then the wrapping is done.

And that, Aunt Sally, is how you wrap up the holidays.

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