Drone Photography is Rapidly Changing Real Estate…Are You Keeping Up?

Posted on Jun 8 2016 - 9:53am by Housecall

By Chris Stoddart

Real estate companies are quickly adopting drone technology as it offers them a new way to catch the eyes of potential buyers.

According to Joe Carriere, owner of Dallas Air Photos, “Most real estate professionals utilize MLS to promote their listings online. Up to 30 images of a property can be uploaded to the MLS system. However, only one single photograph can be chosen as the property's first impression, or Featured Image. A Feature Image taken from the drone’s perspective is the perfect opportunity to grab the attention of a potential buyer with an incredible first impression that sets the property apart from all others.”

Drone Pic 1

Photo by: Dallas Air Photos

An aerial shot of a home, in comparison with a street level shot, provides not only depth and dimension, but also a view of what is behind the home. A pool, beautiful backyard, lake, ocean or mountain view can all be captured and showcased perfectly by aerial drone photography.

Drones 2

This photo by Dallas Air Photos shows the difference between an aerial shot and a regular photo. According to MLS statistics, the properties photographed by drones sold 68 percent faster.

Aerial photography is currently the best way to showcase the selling points of a home or building, and drones offer a cheaper and more convenient alternative to helicopters and planes. Drones are the next step in high-end real estate sales and agencies who are quick to adopt them will receive a cutting edge advantage over their competition.

What does it cost to hire a drone?

These days, the cost of hiring a drone for real estate starts at around $200. This would be for a single family home or small building and will typically include all of the exterior shots you need and basic editing. At about the same cost of regular photography, drone photography is becoming an increasingly popular digital marketing strategy.

Use the reference below to get an idea of what you can expect based on your budget.


According to Carriere, drone operators who are experienced with real estate will provide the REALTOR® with two versions of the photographs; one image will be at full size for the creation of fliers or other marketing material. The second, identical shots are replicated in the smaller MLS size and proportion.

How To Get Started

Drone operators are ready to fly all around the United States. Websites like HiFlyPhotography.com help you find aerial photography no matter where you are or what your project is.

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  1. Coach Cook June 10, 2016 at 7:48 am -

    Great Information on drone costing

  2. Michael Barth June 17, 2016 at 3:55 pm -

    Nice summary. Maybe add that IF you hire a drone operator, make sure he has all federal licenses and follows procedures. Using your young neighbor’s son with his birthday toy drone could get you into hot water!

  3. Starner@Aerolens May 31, 2017 at 3:04 am -

    Hi, thanks for the article. Where did you find that MLS statistic about 68% of homes with aerial photos selling faster? I can’t find it anywhere and would like to back up my claim if a REALTOR asks me…

    • Nick Duda August 27, 2017 at 7:23 pm -

      Agreed with Starner, can you source the MLS article or study that provided the 68% stat? Thats good data to read into more.