Brighten up Your Kid’s Bedroom With ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Inspired Décor

Posted on Mar 21 2017 - 4:51pm by Gabrielle van Welie

From its opening weekend alone, "Beauty and the Beast" has already made $170 million domestically, which means that between all the singing and the dancing, at least one of your kids now wants a 'Beauty and the Beast' themed bedroom. So, whether you want to quench the thirst entirely or just want to add a couple of trinkets here and there to appease the fire, here are some options to Beauty-fy your kids’ bedrooms:

Bedside glow-up. A simple lantern or decoration could enhance your kid’s (or your own, I’m not judging) bedside table. You can find a ton of these online, handcrafted by people who spend many waking hours thinking and dreaming about Belle and Beast. This particular piece is $15.39 and can be found on LilysLounge18’s Etsy shop:

Beauty and the Beast decor

To the window, to the wall. If there’s space left on the walls, you could also buy cute art prints to hang. Right now, most of the artwork available is from the original movie (which is also good). If you wait a few weeks, however, more live-action 'Beauty and the Beast' art is bound to make its way into your home. For the time being, you could buy this adorable Belle and Beast music sheet art print from AmourPrints’ Etsy shop for $10.

Beauty and the Beast decor

Cozy up in magic and wonder. Maybe the old comforter needed replacing anyway. There are so many 'Beauty and the Beast' inspired bed sets out there. Just browse around places like for anything from duvet covers to throw pillows. You can be as subtle or as on-the-nose about your (I mean, your kid’s) level of 'Beauty and the Beast' obsession.

Beauty and the Beast decor

Or go all out with a Belle reading nook. Honestly, Belle is just an excuse. Everybody should have a reading nook. And this one even has a 'Harry Potter' chest (wink at leading lady Emma Watson).

So go all out or don’t. Either way, I’m sure the neighborhood kids will love to be your children’s guests!

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