Buy or Rent? How To Decide Which Living Option Is Best For You

Posted on Feb 13 2017 - 10:40am by Housecall

By Emma Sturgis

buy or rentShould you buy or rent? Most people ask themselves this question at one point or another, and there's no clear correct answer. Before you give up in frustration, take some time to ask yourself the following questions.

How Stable is Your Lifestyle?

Are you the kind of person who likes to stay in one place, or do you like to move around? If your life is relatively stable and you are looking to put down roots, buying a home is probably a good idea. If you are looking to move around or you are willing to pick up stakes for your job, you should consider renting.

What are Your Plans for the Near Future?

Your plans for the near future are also very important for deciding whether you will rent or buy. If you are planning on expanding your family, for example, it might be a good idea to buy a home that's bigger than most apartments. Likewise, if you are planning to move soon, you'll want to rent. Issues like adopting a pet, taking long trips or even major medical decisions can influence whether purchasing a home is the right move in your life.

What's Important to You?

You should also take a few moments to consider what's important for you in terms of a living situation. Do you like privacy, stability, and the feeling of owning your own home? If so, then you'll want to buy. Do you prefer amenities, a community, and putting the responsibility for home care and maintenance in the hands of professionals? That might mean you want to rent. There's not a right or wrong answer here, so take some time to come to your own conclusion.

Who is Helping You?

Finally, think about who's helping you to make this choice. If you work with professionals like those at Mattox Realty, you'll have a better chance to see more properties and make a more informed decision. One of the worst moves you can make when making this decision is to rush forward without enough information. Always make sure you let a real estate professional help you in your search.

Deciding whether to rent or buy is always a deeply personal decision. Once you have the financial aspects set aside, you'll realize that you are looking at a deeply personal process. Take some time and think things over, then work with a professional to help you find a living situation that suits your lifestyle.

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  1. Deepak February 21, 2017 at 1:41 am - Reply

    It specified the difference between buy or rent property very well. But explain more about it using budget statistics and government policies.

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    Well written article. Thanks for sharing difference between buying or renting homes.

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    Great article. Very informative. It explains difference between buying or renting homes in easy way. Thanks for sharing.

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