Webinar Recap: How to THRIVE in Chaos!

Posted on Apr 9 2020 - 4:27pm by Jameson Doris

For real estate agents and brokers, it's easy to get swept up in the constant news cycles and lose focus during this pandemic. That being said, now is the time to find the opportunity that always lies within chaos.

During Forward Coaching's recent webinar—"How to THRIVE in Chaos!"—panelists Debbie De Grote, co-founder and CEO of Forward Coaching; Vince Leisey, president of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate; and Pete Mitchell, chief marketing mercenary at Profit Hacking Solutions, discussed making lemonade out of lemons in a moment like this.

De Grote also served as the host and the webinar was sponsored by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate.

At the start of the webinar, De Grote emphasized the importance of controlling your mindset during these uncertain times.

"You're totally in control of your own actions," she said. "You can easily sit at home and obsess over the news."

Resisting that urge and focusing on your business is what's important now. Here are several things that you can take advantage of remotely that'll keep your business moving forward and positioned well when the economy reopens:

Virtual Open Houses

Taking advantage of virtual open houses (if you aren't already) is an excellent idea right now and you should approach it as a learning experience. All the times that you may have cancelled open houses in the past due to weather will no longer be an issue for you in the future.

"People will now be much more comfortable with virtual open houses," said De Grote.

Host Virtual Open Houses as a 'Watch Party' on Your Facebook Page

Mitchell spoke to the value of hosting virtual open houses on Facebook. By positioning your open houses as "watch parties," you have the ability to track who watches your open houses. Also, there's the added benefit of being able to share the video with your personal contacts.

On Facebook, the length of your video is much less important than the amount of engagement you garner. Focus on the number of likes, comments and shares your video is getting.

"Offer a tip sheet at the end of the video to get people's information," said Mitchell. "Business is made in the follow-up."

Virtual Education

"During an educational event, leverage yourself as a local expert," said De Grote.

Also, if you don't know the other attendees or panelists, this is a great way to make a warm welcome. Instead of reading about your credentials, they're actually meeting you.

"Move on as scheduled," said Leisey. "Zoom instead of call. There will be a learning curve, but there will be advantages to using these tools that we haven't used as much in the past."

Before the close of the webinar, the panelists emphasized the importance of sitting down and analyzing the process that they walked attendees through. See what you would adopt or do differently, so that you can be more prepared in the event of another crisis.

To view a full recording of this webinar, click here.


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