Show Your Love and Earn Referrals This Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 12 2018 - 3:12pm by Liz Dominguez

valentine's dayValentine's Day is approaching. And while it's typically reserved for romantic, coupley outings, there's no reason why real estate agents can't show love for their clients and referral business. There are puns abound and an endless stock of chocolate at your disposal—use them wisely. Here's how you can reach out to clients this Valentine's Day and remind them you are the best agent in town:

Send a Card

It's a Hallmark-created holiday, right? So, take advantage and send out greeting cards to all of your clients. You don't need to spend a lot by buying them in a store. Creating a simple, print-out version that is branded to your business can be even more expressive. Remember, the cheesier, the better—that's the whole point of Valentine's Day!

Give a Little Gift

A little chocolate can go a long way. Everyone appreciates a surprise gift, and your clients likely won't be expecting one from their real estate agent. Add on to your greeting card by including a small box of chocolates, some holiday-themed candy or even a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. Adding a pun will add to your cheese factor and is a great way to be remembered. "Thanks a latte for your business" or "I'd like to espresso my love for you" are always winners.

Host a Contest

Everyone wants to be a winner and this is your chance to get referrals and boost your social media presence at the same time. You can do something as simple as having clients guess how many heart-shaped candies are in a container, or you can host a contest based on shares and likes and have your clients vote for their favorite from a group of four dream dates. Whichever you choose, the prize doesn't have to be anything crazy like a new TV. For example, a gift card to a local restaurant is the perfect way to tie a bow on your date-themed contest.

Throw a Little Party

Who doesn't love free food and drinks? You don't have to go overboard—just make sure it's memorable. This can even be an informal hangout at your office. If you want to promote it on social, have a backdrop where your clients can take their picture and upload it with a branded hashtag. You can also have little giveaways with themed goodies like Sweetheart candies that have your name on them.

It's not about what you're giving away, but how you are being remembered. Constant follow-ups throughout the year with some fun events and gifts is how your clients will remember you. At the end of any client appreciation events or within your greeting cards, always thank your clients for their business and ask them to refer you to their friends and family.

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