Social Skills: Become More Hands-Off and Excel With Posting Services

Posted on May 4 2018 - 10:05am by Jameson Doris

brodskyWith the help of Carolyn Sullivan Brodsky, the Todd David Miller Homes team—part of Fairfield, Conn.'s The Higgins Group—grossed approximately $52 million last year.

Brodsky joined The Higgins Group last year as a sales associate. Since then, she's employed her secret to success: being with clients from start to finish and every step of the way, using white-glove full service.

Here, Brodsky chats with us about the importance of reaching a younger demographic through social media and the success she's had with a hands-off approach thanks to RISMedia's ACE.

RISMedia_socialskillsIn what ways does your team use social media?

Our team utilizes social media for sending out most of our listings, as well as showing the public what we’ve sold.

What do you think people like to see in social media posts?

Pictures are often good, because I'm not sure how much people like to read things. If they're going to read something, it had better be short and sweet.

How would you characterize the importance of utilizing social media in real estate today?

It’s extremely important. The younger crowd, those aged 20 to 30, are doing way more with social media than those in their mid-40s and up, and they're seeing results. While I use social media, I know there are some real estate professionals using it way more than me. But I know how important it is.

How often do you post, and what types of social media do you use?

Truthfully, our administration does most of the posting for us. I need to do more, but that's why I appreciate the automated ACE stories. I'm busy throughout the day, so I can't be active on social media all the time. I'm on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

What's the main reason behind your decision to use RISMedia’s ACE?

It's extremely convenient and makes me feel less guilty about not being on social media as often as others.

"It’s a great platform to...let people know you’re a real estate agent and send useful information, as well."

Why do you believe ACE posts are valuable to your clients?

There's always good information to read and share. There always seems to be an article that helps someone, and that means that someone is connecting with me.

How does ACE content help you engage with clients and prospects?

I always add the same hashtags to get my name out there, which opens the door better for connections. One of my partners also shares the posts on his Facebook page, and a REALTOR® friend of mine signed up for ACE after seeing my posts.

How is the ACE content customized for you, and how have you enjoyed this feature?

At first, I received automatic posts every day, but for me, that was a bit much, so now, ACE posts 3 - 4 days a week. That seems to be ideal for what I want to do.

Why would you recommend others get involved with ACE?

It’s a great platform to get your name out there, let people know you're a real estate agent and send useful information, as well.

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Featured image: The Higgins Group

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