2019 Kitchen Design Trends That Add Value to Your Home

Posted on Jun 25 2019 - 3:00pm by Housecall


By Yuka Kato

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and one of the areas most likely to make or break a sale. In fact, 80 percent of homeowners say that the kitchen ranks in the top three for rooms they most want to see updated. While a dream listing for any REALTOR® is a home with a fully updated kitchen, it's more likely that people looking to sell their home in the future will be looking at ways to add value now—and that includes updating the kitchen design.

As part of its yearly trends surveys, Fixr recently polled experts about what kitchen design trends are the most popular in 2019. Within those results is information relating to which trends are most likely to add value to a home—something that can be shared with prospective sellers when they reach out for advice.

While paying attention to any industry trend is always a good idea, these five trends, in particular, will help the homes you're selling reach their maximum potential in the coming months.

Cosmetic Updates

21. For homeowners on a budget, which type of remodel will get them the biggest ROI_

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There are many ways to remodel a kitchen from a full renovation to minor touch-up. According to experts, a cosmetic update is going to get you a bigger ROI than a full or partial renovation. Fifty-six percent of respondents agreed that a cosmetic update was the best place to put your money, while a partial renovation came in second.

This is directly in line with Remodeling magazine's report that minor remodels recoup 80 percent at the time of resale, while more major projects only recoup about 60 percent. Cosmetic updates are anything non-invasive, such as a new backsplash or countertop, fresh paint or refaced cabinets. If it doesn't require a full renovation, it will not only be done faster; it can actually have a bigger impact at time of resale.

Cabinet Material

22. What cabinet materials add the most value to a home_

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It seems as though cabinet materials are constantly being introduced as the next latest and greatest thing. Wood veneer, laminates, MDF and Thermafoil are all options that can give homeowners the look they want.

However, when it comes to value, 85 percent of respondents felt that it was solid wood cabinetry that would add the most value to the home. Wood has nearly universal appeal and can hold its value for years, particularly when the cabinets are well-constructed. This means that even a sale later down the road is still going to benefit from this update when compared to new cabinets made from other materials.


23. What counter material adds the most value to a home_

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Slab-style counters have been the way to go for the last several years, and that trend isn't changing. Both granite and quartz score highly with homeowners and experts alike, but when it comes to adding value, granite takes the lead, with 50 percent of respondents answering that natural stone countertops would add the most value.

Granite countertops enhance the appearance of a kitchen, even one that may be slightly outdated in other ways, which can enhance its appeal. Adding a new countertop is also a fast update that can be completed in a few weeks without major construction, so it's appealing to sellers as well.

Shades of Gray

What colors are the most popular amongst homebuyers looking at a new kitchen this year_

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If your sellers are wondering what colors to include in their cosmetic update, the answer is in the many shades of gray. Gray has been one of the most popular interior design colors for the last several years and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Fifty-three percent of experts felt that homebuyers would most want to see gray in the kitchen for 2019. This is directly in-step with many of the other emerging kitchen trends right now, including the dark-on-dark look that many people are starting to turn to.

Add an Island

15. What is the most popular type of kitchen layout_

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If the layout of the kitchen isn't working or there isn't enough counter space, sellers may want to consider adding an island to the kitchen layout. Ninety-two percent of respondents felt that the island kitchen was the most popular layout for 2019. Islands alleviate a number of issues in the kitchen, from lack of counter space and storage to a poor working triangle.

The extra utility that an island can bring to a space alone will add value to the home, particularly in the form of a faster sale, as more buyers begin to expect one in the home. An island is also one of those additions that buyers are likely to pay more to get, so the addition is likely to pay off.

Choose Wisely to Add the Most Value

Not everything that you do to a home is going to add value. Paying attention to trends of what homebuyers are looking for in a home is more likely to pay off than simply updating at random.

Take a look at the full report to learn more, and update strategically in 2019 to get the most value out of every home.

yukaphoto-e1517848977243Yuka Kato writes about home improvement tips and tricks to help homeowners learn more about improving their properties. She also delivers useful cost information you can use to help improve your own home at Fixr.com.

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  1. ANITA CRANE July 1, 2019 at 11:23 am - Reply

    I am trying to translate this information to a historical residence. I see so many in Park City where the taste of the owner is seen in the kitchens that are totally remodeled and lack the original charm of an old house.

  2. camy August 15, 2019 at 12:03 pm - Reply

    Creme shades are always the best ones! You can never go wrong with that! Bold colors are something unque if you want the ambiance to look strong yet stylish especially in the kitchen if you don’t want it to look colorful. Wooden theme is also great! It never go out of style. As long as you feel comfortable in your home interior,you’re good to go!

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