RealEdge Podcast Ep. 5: ‘You Can’t Build Culture in a Vacuum’ With Josh Harley

Posted on Nov 23 2020 - 12:05pm by Housecall

Coming from humble beginnings, U.S. Marine Josh Harley, the founder and CEO of Fathom Realty, has always had a love for business, even going by "serial entrepreneur." While his endeavors haven't always led to immediate success, Harley says he's harnessed the power of "failing quickly" in order to overcome challenges and learn from past mistakes. From running a lead generation platform in the automotive space to creating his own team, his career has taken him through myriad avenues, but now he's found his ideal platform: leading a virtual, 100-percent-commission brokerage in which servant leadership is at the core.

Listen to or view Episode 5: 'You Can't Build Culture in a Vacuum' – Staying Connected as a Virtual Brokerage

In this week's episode of RISMedia's RealEdge podcast, Harley discusses how his past experiences have led him to a virtual format that's paved the way to success even amid a global health crisis. Harley shares advice on how brokers can go virtual without sacrificing agent connectivity and communication, all while arming agents with the tools they need to succeed and ensuring they know they are always appreciated.

On this week's episode you'll learn:

1:10 What to do when you're bit by the entrepreneurial bug
2:32 How to recover after failing fast
5:00 Why a brokerage doesn't exist without its agents—servant leadership as value proposition
6:49 Why you can't build culture in a vacuum
8:55 How to stay connected during a pandemic
14:00 Why a value exchange should be the foundation for commissions
17:00 How to help agents make more money so you naturally make more money
18:05 Why building virtual culture comes down to communication
27:17 The tech needed to build and operate a brokerage virtually
31:50 How to cut expenses before the next storm hits your business

About Josh Harley

Josh Harley is the founder and CEO of Fathom Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: FTHM). Fathom Realty has been ranked as the No. 11 largest independent brokerage in the U.S. and the No. 20 largest real estate brokerage overall. Prior to starting Fathom, Harley ran a successful real estate team and personally coaches and teaches on the subject. He's a tech-geek with a passion for discovering new ways to use technology to improve real estate, not replace agents. Harley is a Marine Corps Veteran and an advocate for servant leadership and placing others first. He has been recognized as an industry Game Changer and made the list of Most Powerful People in Real Estate. Harley has also been recognized as the Top CEO in Dallas – Ft. Worth by the Dallas News.


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  1. Larry Harley December 9, 2020 at 5:08 pm -

    Hi Josh,

    In perusing the RIS media site, being an active broker myself in Northern CA, I came across your bio. Naturally, your name caught my attention. More importantly, your photo bears some striking family resemblance. I have various family in the Dallas area and wondered if we might share the same relatives. My grandfather was John Louis Harley and his wife was Mary Lou Upton. They had 7 children. Their youngest, John Henry Harley was my dad. His brother, Merle Harley, was married to Mary Harley, one of my aunts. Prior to Dad’s passing, the last of his sisters, another of my aunts, Mildred Harley Hill lived near Cisco in Eastland and is buried in Abilene. Just wondering if any of this rings any bells? Thanks. Larry Harley, Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty, Auburn, CA.