3 Updates to Complete Before Placing Your Home on the Market

Posted on Nov 22 2022 - 10:30am by Paige Brown

By Anica Oaks

Selling a home is easy, but maximizing your profit is hard. The key to selling strategy in real estate is to invest in improvements that improve the property's value for a relatively low cost. Sometimes this value translates directly into a higher sales price or as a way to sell it faster by getting more people interested. Making the proper updates depends on the specific nature of the home, so the decision should account for the home's age, style and location.

Integrate Modernization
Modernizing a home with minimal invasion or obtrusion is an appealing factor for many buyers. Attempts at modernization, like adding more wiring or fresh appliances, should be done in a way that compliments the home in a seamless way. For example, replacing a hearth with an electric fireplace can make it a legitimate part of the heating system without sacrificing the unique aesthetic or experience.

Installing wiring to support more electronics and internet connections may seem like an invisible investment, but it's one that many people care about. The capacity to integrate smart devices and appliances will likely increase home value in the years ahead.

Put a New Lid On It
It may not be the most exciting part of the home during daily life, but without it, the rest of the structure would fail. Roof repair and replacement are something you should consider before putting your home on the market. It's one of the first things buyers will notice whether they see an aerial photo or ground-level. The condition of the roof often indicates the condition of the rest of the structure, at least psychologically.

Roofing isn't only about aesthetics either. A sturdy and healthy roof preserves the rest of the structure from water and exposure. It's designed to take a beating from the wind, rain and debris so the rest of the home can be safe.

Shift the Landscape
Changing the landscape may seem like an odd choice for a seller, but it can be a big deal if there are any oddities or problems with the yard. Dips, ditches and poor grading can be a turn-off for prospective buyers, especially ones who hate mowing the yard, to begin with. When possible, make the landscape look neat, clean and simple with as few maintenance needs as possible.

As a seller, don't be afraid to recruit friends and family to check out your home as pretend buyers to offer comments and insight. You won't be able to make it perfect, but there are a lot of worthwhile things you can do to update a house before putting it on the market.

Anica Oaks is a freelance writer who hails from San Francisco, California. When she's not writing, she's enjoying her time outside with her dogs. Keep up with her on Twitter @anicaoaks.


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