How to Fix Most Common Cooling Problems in Your Home

Posted on May 17 2022 - 11:00am by Paige Brown, Managing Editor

By Kyla Stewart

Summer is around the corner. The call of sunshine, warm breeze, and activity fills the air. The urge to brush off the winter's chill and give summer's call is exciting. Even as summer appeal engulfs most, a precaution ahead is the need to check and fix any cooling system in our homes. Along with summer comes the periods of unbearable heat that need the cool breeze from the cooling systems. What common problems do homeowners face with their home cooling system? How can they fix these issues? Let us consider some cooling issues.

AC Cooling System Does Not Produce Cold Air
Your air condition not giving out cold air is not something many people want during the sweltering summer heat. What might cause the air conditioner not to blow out cold air?

Clogged Air Conditioner Air Filter
The air filter works well when it filters out debris from getting into the system and blowing dust into the room from the air conditioner (AC). However, it calls for constant maintenance. Neglect in cleaning the air filter means that airport items that pass through the air ducts clog the air filter. The result? The dirty air filter blocks warm and cold air from blowing through the vents and freezes the evaporator. Thus, it blocks the production of cool air.

How to fix: Clean the filter. If the air conditioner filter is detachable, blow the dust out of the filter. Some AC air filters are waterproof, so wash them clean and dry them before replacing them in the AC. If the air filter is not removable, request a handy technician to have it cleaned or repair air condition units.

Thermostat Not Working Correctly
The air conditioner depends on the thermostat setting, which acts as a music conductor to the cooling system. It controls or instructs the AC on what amount of hot or cold air to produce. 

How to Fix: First, check to see if the thermostat setting is at the correct temperature. Set the thermostat to auto mode to give the right amount of air, depending on the room temperature. Is the thermostat not working? Consult your local AC professionals who might repair or replace the thermostat.

Air Conditioner Not Powering On
Ah, that cheeky air conditioner. It waits for when you need it the most, and it does not turn on.

How to Fix: Before approaching your local technician, check whether the AC circuit breakers have tripped. If so, power it off and then on. I hope that this sorts your issue. Does the AC still not turn on? Check the fuse box. You might find that one fuse has blown out. Replace the damaged fuse with a new fuse.

Leaking Air Conditioner
The Air Conditioner system might drip because of an overflowing or cracked drip pan. The AC drips because of the following three reasons. A clogged condensate drain line because of fungi and algae, leaking refrigerant.

How to fix: Do you suspect the AC is leaking refrigerant liquid? You need professional help in stopping the leakage. For a cracked drain pan placed under the AC evaporator coil, replace the pan to enable water to drain from the AC. For a clogged drain line, clean out the algae and fungi with a wet vacuum and a stiff wire brush that can fit inside the drainpipe. To discourage the buildup of algae and fungi in the drain line, pour bleach or vinegar every month to create an unfavorable growth environment.

You can avoid the most common cooling system issues by regularly having a new air conditioner maintained by professionals once or twice a year. You can set a DIY plan for conducting 30 to 60-day maintenance on your cooling system. Older cooling systems need regular maintenance checks and replacements.

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  1. Praveen September 20, 2023 at 3:43 am -

    This blog post has saved my life! I genuinely appreciate the clear information offered here because I’ve had my fair share of cooling-related problems at home. It is understandable and simple to follow, so even persons with less HVAC experience can use it. Many thanks for assisting us in keeping our houses cool and cozy over those sweltering summer days!