How to Affordably Invigorate Your Entryway

Posted on Oct 13 2014 - 4:29am by Andrea Davis

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Over the years your entryway gets a lot of traffic, wear and tear. As a result it looks old, tattered and in need of repair. If you want to upgrade your entryway without remodeling it, you need alternatives. Here are some affordable tips on reinvigorating your front entryway, large or small:

1: Repaint the walls and front door.

One of the quickest redesign methods is to paint the walls and front door. Adding a bright splash of paint draws visitors’ eyes and brightens the entryway. Newly colored small foyers might make it feel larger and brighter. You can also work with a painter to pick colors that match the landscape for a smooth transition and natural feel in the entryway.

2: Increase the foyer lighting.

Whether you’re welcoming guests in the middle of the day or early evening, you need a well-lit entrance. Consider upgrading your lamp bulbs to LED so they’re efficient and still bright. If you need more lighting, install standing lamps, a chandelier or track lights over your photographs or mirrors.

3: Insert a table and/or rack by the doorway.

The entryway needs a table or hanging rack for two reasons: a point of interest and storage area. Refurbish vintage ones if you want a cheap way to add to your foyer. You could also buy brand new ones if you want to make the investment. They also allow people to store jackets, scarves, keys, hats and other items as they enter and then easily pick them back up as they leave.

4: Put down a rug.

Akin to the table or hanging rack, putting down a rug over your carpet, hardwood floor or tiles serves two purposes. It keeps your flooring safe from visitors’ shoe dirt and debris, and it adds to the decor of your foyer. They are inexpensive, come in a variety of shades, sizes and materials, and will be easy to throw in your washing machine to clean.

5: Hang mirrors for the illusion of space.

Small and narrow entryways often feel cramped, small and claustrophobic. To give the illusion of length, width and brightness, install one or more mirrors. Hanging them along the entryway makes it feel larger and brighter without knocking down walls. If you’re uncertain about how to hang them, you can hire professionals to install the mirrors, which costs between $294 and $422 depending on the size and number.

6: Add a unique focal point.

Every home should have a focal point from the moment people walk in the door. Maybe it’s a piece of art, sculpture, antique, or family photos. The focal point accents the design of your entryway and home, and it details your personality to visitors. It is a crucial piece to your foyer design, so place it somewhere safe where kids and pets can’t reach.

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