Safe & Sound: Why Home Security is Crucially Important for Your Rental Property

Posted on Apr 7 2015 - 3:23pm by Housecall

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burglarA large emphasis on upping the value and desirability for a rental property falls under the category of home improvement. The home improvements that pay off include new bathrooms, kitchens, elaborate sound systems, wine cellars and other various bells and whistles. There is no denying that these types of upgrades will certainly add aesthetic beauty and functional prowess to your rental property. However, there is another home upgrade that many homeowners gloss over or don’t put much stock into: home security. Establishing a safe, up-to-date and fully fleshed out home security plan doesn’t tend to have the glamorous appeal of brand new mahogany and granite counter tops, but the importance of these upgrades can’t be understated.

Current State of Affairs

As of 2014, the United States remains the leader in susceptibility for home invasions and break-ins. This startling statistic is coupled with the fact that a home invasion occurs every 15 seconds – and these home invasions are also primarily occurring right through the front door of a property. With 85 percent of burglaries being facilitated through your main entry, the need for home security is paramount.

The common perception is that if your property is nestled in a quiet cul-de-sac instead of in an area with an abundance of foot traffic, you are less likely to be targeted. However the opposite is actually true, with households situated in high density locations least likely to be burglarized.

Protecting your Property and Renters

Not only do break-ins cause massive amounts of property damage but they also endanger the tenants in your rental property. When a lease is signed, a renter expects to feel safe in their new living environment, and it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure this safety by taking the correct precautions. Home safety has rapidly become a big selling point for prospective renters, and this becomes especially true for first-time home renters. Typically backed by a parent or guardian, these types of guarantors will specifically be looking for safety when helping choose a home.

Many renters have horror stories regarding landlords and the lack of safety and home security during their lease periods. Don’t be this landlord! Renters will want to stay in your property if they feel safe and secure. This will eliminate the headache of finding new renters every 6-12 months.

With so many home security systems currently on the market and home security technology hitting new peaks every year, there are no shortage of options to consider.

Tech Trends

Trends in tech are no longer relegated to the James Bonds and CIA agents of the world. Outfitting your property with a comprehensive home security system has never been easier and more available. Gone are the days of running back home when you’ve forgotten to arm the alarm system before leaving the house; with home automation you can control your property from your smartphone or a computer. This also goes hand-in-hand with automatic door locks that feature the same control from your smartphone or computer.

A wireless home system also helps deter against a burglar being able to cut alarm wires to enter the property. Being protected in this way is a huge benefit as the majority of convicted burglars have stated that they flee properties the second they hear the alarm sound.

With these features being a no-brainer in terms of attracting renters and protecting your property, there’s no better time to place more emphasis on home security.

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    How much you want to spend to protect your property by the break-ins? For the renter, this information is very important. It should be clear who will shoulder for the damages of the property.

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    Thanks for sharing the information and good luck!

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