Home Haunted? No Problem, New Survey Shows

Posted on Oct 11 2017 - 4:31pm by Zoe Eisenberg

Mystic silhouette.

Would you ever live in a haunted home? A new survey from Realtor.com shows most folks won't shy away from a spooky space--so long as the price is right.

In September, Realtor.com surveyed more than 1,000 online respondents. The verdict? Thirty-three percent were open to living in a haunted house, 25 percent might be, and 42 percent are not open to the idea.

So what factors impacted these results? Let's explore:

  • 40 percent of respondents indicated that they need a price reduction in order to choose a haunted home over a non-haunted home;
  • 35 percent require a better neighborhood;
  • 32 percent need larger square footage;
  • and 29 percent would do so if more bedrooms are involved.

Who minds a few spooky spirits if there's a third bedroom, amiright? From the survey, 47 percent of participants indicate they would live in a home where someone died, 27 percent said they might, and 26 percent said they would not.

The survey also showed certain paranormal activities are preferred over others. Forty-eight percent of those surveyed didn't mind a few cold or hot spots in their home, whereas 45 percent could get down with unexplainable noises, and 39 percent are willing to tolerate strange, freaky feelings in certain rooms. Thirty-five percent of folks could deal with shifting shadows, but only twenty percent were alright with levitating objects or the sensation of being touched.

Of those surveyed, 28 percent believed they already have lived in a haunted house, with 14 percent unsure and 58 percent quite sure they've never been haunted.

What do you think? Would you be willing to room with a ghoul for more square footage, a lower price tag or a finished basement?

To see the survey results, click here.

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  1. Jeff Prrkins October 13, 2017 at 5:32 pm - Reply

    Two experiences-
    * Years ago someone was murdered in a house rhat i was soon to list. Washington State requires full disclosure of the murder to any potential buyers. I decided to get it up front at open houses – no use in wasting time! Maybe half the people turned around and walked/ran out. The other half basically shrugged. The ultimate buyer had their spiritual advisor bless it at a housewarming party. It probably sold for 8 – 10% less than it could have without the murder.

    * Different transaction, someone committed suicide in a 5th floor condo by jumping over the balcony to the ground below. Suicide is another required disclosure. The listing agent argued that the woman died 5 floors down, not in the unit. My clients “bought the argument”!

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