7 Tips For Writing A Great Real Estate Agent Resume

Posted on Aug 16 2017 - 11:20am by Housecall

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By Mary Walton

Real estate careers aren't built like others. You're working for yourself, your hours and wage can vary greatly, and the work can be very much up and down. However, you're still going to need a good resume if you want to find work, especially if you work with a broker. You need to ensure that your resume is up to scratch. Here's seven tips for writing the best real estate agent resume.

1. Make a PDF.
Go back a few years, and you were more likely to hand someone your resume as a physical copy. Nowadays, you'll likely never print that document out. However, the way you present it still matters. Rather than printing it out on quality paper, try creating a high quality PDF. This shows you've put care into creating a document that's easily read and used by others. It's also a good way of showing that you pay attention to the details. The PDF is the modern equivalent of a resume on good paper, so make sure you don't skip this step.

2. Always include your education and training.
“As a real estate agent, you'll always be working on your craft. That means you'll be out on training seminars and educational weekends more often than you'd think. If you have any of this experience, make sure it's going in your resume,” says Gina Lewis, resume writer at UK Top Writers. Unless you're very young, you don't need to include your high school information. Make sure you include any college experience though, even if you didn't complete the course. Some experience is much better than none.

3. Show what you've done rather than where you've been.
It is important to show that you've had a steady employment history, but many make this the most crucial part of the resume. You do need to include your employment history, but what you should be showing is what you've actually achieved over your career. If you've sold a record number of properties in your area or won awards for your work, this is the time to talk about it.

4. Use tools to help you write.
Don't go it alone. Use these tools to help you get the most out of your resume:

5. Show the reader where you excel.
Something many resume writers do is try to sell themselves as experts at everything. They think it makes them look like a more viable candidate, but in fact it couldn't be further from the truth. Someone who's trying to show themselves as the expert in everything is more likely going to be master of nothing at all. It's actually much better to show what you're an expert in. Maybe you know your stuff when it comes to leasing business properties or excel at finding homes for first time buyers. Whatever it is, flaunt it in your resume.

6. Use academic websites.
Academic writing sites are the basis of a hack that many resume writers are now using. As Huffington Post reports, they're more well known for working on essays for students. However, they also provide writing, editing and proofreading services for resumes. If you need a helping hand, make sure you go looking for a good academic writing service to help you. You can hire a personal writer who'll listen to your needs, and then give you a resume that really shows you off in the best light.

7. Demonstrate self motivation.
If you're writing a resume, you're more than likely about to move into a new market. A brokerage needs to know that you can hit the ground running with as little input as possible from them, so show them that you're a self starter throughout your resume. Make sure you're including examples of times when you were established yourself in a previous market and shown yourself to be an asset. If you're just starting out, you can still do this. Show the experiences you've had in other fields and how you intend to apply this to your new career.

These tips will help you create the resume that will get you the job or placement that you need. Rewrite or create a new resume and you'll see just how much success you can get with the improved document.

Mary Walton is a content manager at custom writing service Grade On Fire. She also is a tutor at Australian University Assignment Help.

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