Real Estate Poll: Most Annoying Neighbors in the U.S.

Posted on Oct 1 2018 - 3:03pm by Paige Brown

There are many odd holidays that pass us by during the year without us ever realizing it. One example is National Good Neighbor Day, which took place on September 28 and was created in 2003 to honor all the good neighbors out there. However, with the holiday firmly in our rearview mirror, it's time to recognize those on the other end of the spectrum: the most annoying neighbors in America.

ImproveNet—an online home improvement resource—recently surveyed 2,500 people across two dozen U.S. cities on the topic of their neighbors. The site's analysis focused on three main factors: overall frustrations levels, 36 of the most common annoyances and the natural transgression that is confrontation.

What did ImproveNet find? Dallas, Miami and Austin have the most annoying neighbors in the U.S., with overall loudness being the main annoyance. Loud music, loud voices and loud parties were the three most popular responses for what annoys us most about our neighbors.

An interesting trend that arose from the study is that cooler (literally) heads prevail. Of the top five least annoying cities in the U.S., four are in the North, while four of the five most annoying cities are in hotter, southern climates.

Below is a full list of the 24 cities polled, from most to least annoying, according to respondents. For lists of what annoys us most about our neighbors and which cities have the most confrontational neighbors, visit ImproveNet.

annoying neighbors

Chart: ImproveNet


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  1. Karen October 5, 2018 at 11:50 am - Reply

    When I visited my friend, his neighbors talked very loud, every time they talked or yelled at the kids, which was quite often. Then the kids would cry from being yelled at or cry because they were spanked. They played rap music very loud. People would drive up their drivieway get out7

  2. Karen October 5, 2018 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    … people would get out of their car, go inside and leave under 2 minutes. Sometimesè a very young boy would go in and come out quickly
    My friend finally called the police suspecting drug activity. Police watched the house via camera and raided the house, the adults were arrested for selling drugs. The tenants were evicted. Before this, they had roaches. It was sad that they got a pitbull dog, put it in the backyard then never paid anyay54

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