Review: How Samsung’s Galaxy Performs in the Real Estate World

Posted on Apr 9 2018 - 11:07am by Liz Dominguez

samsung galaxyIt's that time of year again. New commercials are rolling out and everyone's itching to get their hands on the latest release of their beloved cell phone, whether that be Apple's iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy, Google's Pixel or any others. Samsung isn't releasing its newest entrant—Galaxy Note 9—until late summer at the very earliest, but the other two models—Galaxy S9 and S9+—are now available for purchase. So, what do these phones offer and how will it help your business? Here's what you need to know:

The S9+ Boasts a Low-Light Camera

It's never a good idea to forego professional photographs for your listings, but if you're in a pinch and need something temporary—or just want nice, inexpensive photos of your rental listings—Samsung's newest S9+ model really ups the camera game. Now with dual lens and dual aperture, this device is great at taking pictures in low-light scenarios. While the S9 can still take great pictures in low-light settings, the single rear sensor puts it behind its sister model. If the price tag is too steep, but you don't want to sacrifice a good shot, Google's five-inch Pixel 2 offers similar camera quality at a more affordable price point.

The Emoji Add-On May Help You Better Connect

Have you been working with a lot of first-time buyers? Since Gen-Z members and millennials are practically tied to their phones, adding some lighthearted personality touches, like your own customized Emoji in text conversations, may help you better connect with these tech-centered generations.

You Can Translate and Identify on the Spot

Samsung's cameras don't just take pictures. The newest models now have the capability to translate in real time using the camera. If you work with bilingual or multilingual clients, this can come in handy if you're not fluent in other languages. The camera can also help identify places, items and foods. If your client is absolutely in love with a sofa they spotted in a home for sale, you can quickly identify where it can be purchased by floating your camera over it instead of pestering the listing agent.

The downsides? Definitely the cost. The S9 is selling for $719.99, with the S9+ at an even higher price point of $839.99—a bit more expensive than the previous models with only a few changes to software. However, it's still low when you look at the iPhone X's $999 price tag. When compared to the Google Pixel 2, it's pretty much in line with the six-inch 2XL model, which is selling for $849.99.

Keep in mind that when it comes to battery life for the new Samsung devices, longevity falls short. So, keep a charger handy if you're a heavy mobile phone user. Of course, Samsung has been quiet about its upcoming Note 9 release, so you may want to hold off on upgrading just yet, as the new model may tackle these challenges and offer its own set of new capabilities. Apple's and Google's next releases are a bit further out—consumers can expect a fall release date from both companies.

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