Webinar Recap: Tech Tools for the Superstars – in Uncertain Times

Posted on May 28 2020 - 4:38pm by Jameson Doris

For two industry veterans, converting prospects to clients in the middle of a pandemic is all about making connections and taking the tech tools we're now mastering and utilizing them in the future—even long after we're done navigating this crisis.

During RISMedia's recent webinar—"Tech Tools for the Superstars - in Uncertain Times"—panelists Ron Howard, a team leader at RE/MAX Advantage, and Mark Ryan, broker of RE/MAX Victory, discussed tools and systems for converting more prospects to clients in the new reality of virtual real estate.

The webinar was moderated by Cleve Gaddis, coach with Workman Success Systems and sponsored by Homes.com and Rental Beast.

Where can agents start? Here's what Ryan and Howard had to say.

Video Conferencing

"If you're nervous about going onto Zoom, don't be. Chances are you know more about it than many others that are joining you on the platform," said Ryan.

Few tools have become more vital to the real estate industry in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic than virtual conferencing platforms like Zoom. It has, in a strong way, helped many retain personal connections with clients and loved ones; this is an example of tech that we will utilize for years to come.

"I think, because of the pandemic, we've gone 10 times deeper with [Zoom]—and it's a part of the business that's never going to change," said Howard.

Virtual Work Within Communities

Although it can be taboo to talk about the many benefits of volunteering and getting involved in other ways within your community, few things help real estate professionals resonate more with those in their area. These are connections that can be fertile long into the future.

"Many of us are dealing with a lot of pain right now, so volunteering and getting involved with the Ronald McDonald House was me transmuting that pain into motivation," said Howard.

Additionally, Ryan has started programs with local coffee shops, such as free coffee for high school seniors at a cafe in his area and Starbucks gift cards in exchange for referrals.

"We reward people who send us referrals with $10 Starbucks gift cards, whether or not they become our clients," said Ryan.

For more tips on converting prospects to clients in the new reality of virtual real estate, watch the webinar below:

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