Webinar Recap: How to Win More Listings in a Tight Inventory Market

Posted on Apr 17 2023 - 3:52pm by Paige Brown, Managing Editor

By Claudia Larsen

In the latest RISMedia webinar—“How to Win More Listings in a Tight Inventory Marketpanelists Anthony Lamacchia, broker/owner and CEO of Lamacchia Realty Inc.; Brooke Miller, CEO/team leader of Brooke Miller Real Estate of Long & Foster Real Estate; and Sarah Smith, senior marketing manager for Curbio, discuss their tactics for generating and cultivating leads to win more listings, the importance of home staging in selling in today’s market, and how to navigate all of the challenges and obstacles that come with a tight inventory market.

The webinar was sponsored by Curbio and moderated by Creig Northrop, CEO and founder of Northrop Realty.

Key takeaways:

Panelists offered some top tips for how real estate agents and professionals can thrive in business, despite limited inventory:

  • Generating selling leads in your buyers—a buyer is either currently a seller, or will be in the future.
  • Building a network within your community and following up with previous clients to keep all channels of lead generation open.
  • Update your network with the details of the market, showing them you have a gameplan to demonstrate now is still a time to sell.
  • Being the agent with all the solutions for sellers and buyers rather than being a marketing show who needs to pass clients on to others for problem solving.
  • Staging homes to attract buyers, as the majority of today’s buyers want “turn-key” and move-in ready homes

Here’s what our esteemed panelists had to say:

  • “I think one thing a lot of agents are missing is they are on the phone with a seller everyday, but it comes in as a buyer lead. They’re forgetting that at least 60%, upwards of 70%-75%, are also having something to sell. Everyone has to remember that when you get a buyer lead, they don’t say ‘I also have something to sell and I’ll list it with you too.’ ... Bottom line, gents need to do a better job making sell-buys more comfortable taking steps forward.” -Anthony Lamacchia, broker/owner and CEO of Lamacchia Realty Inc.
  • “You can have the flashiest marketing presentation, you can have a binded CMA, all of that kind of stuff, but number one they are looking for someone who can get the job done, who has the critical thinking skills to solve the challenges all along the way… Being the one-stop shop with all the solutions, not the dog and pony flashy marketing show, those are the agents that are going to win listings.” -Brooke Miller, CEO/team leader of Brooke Miller Real Estate of Long & Foster Real Estate
  • “The majority of today’s buyers are millennials and baby boomers, two subsets who do not want projects, they don’t want fixer uppers. They want turn-key and they want move-in ready.” -Sarah Smith, senior marketing manager for Curbio
  • “Conversations convert into leads. Conversations, conversations. Talk to anyone! People are more open to listen and talk than they ever have been. When I had my first lifting appointment after COVID, I got a hug. I didn’t even know the person. They said please stay, cause they just enjoyed human interaction. That’s the key.” -Creig Northrop, CEO and founder of Northrop Realty

For more information on how you can thrive in a low-inventory market and increase listings despite limited supply, check out the full webinar here

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