Webinar Recap: How Agents Find Their Niche and Succeed

Posted on Oct 28 2021 - 2:40pm by Paige Brown, Managing Editor
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There is more to a successful real estate agent than someone who helps buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions. As the real estate industry grows more competitive, agents everywhere are learning how to redefine their roles to provide a unique value proposition for today’s consumer. By developing specialized skills in a niche market, industry professionals are able to make their services more valuable than what their competitors have to offer.

In the latest RISMedia webinar—“How Agents Find Their Niche and Succeed”— panelists Coltyn Simmons, broker/owner at Custom Fit Real Estate and general contractor for Custom Fit Construction; Mor Zucker, public speaker and managing partner/owner of Team Denver Homes at RE/MAX Professionals; and Michele Ciardullo, luxury specialist and managing partner and owner of Team Denver Homes at RE/MAX, discussed how agents can provide personalized services that will help turn their clients' buying or selling experience into more than just another transaction.

The webinar was sponsored by Homes.com and Homesnap, and moderated by Cleve Gaddis, Master Coach for Workman Success Systems.

Why Niche?

Simmons kicked off the discussion explaining the importance of finding your niche. “People can appreciate if you are a ‘meaningful specific’ to them and their needs. That’s why I created a niche,” he said. “If you’re trying to please everybody, success is just not going to happen.”

Having specific interests or offering unique services can attract the right clients and customers, rather than those who you may not be able to bring value to. Think about who you can help the most, understand who you are as a real estate professional and keep your focus on your niche to bring you the most success now and in the future—even if that means foregoing some business to get the right business with people who you connect with.

The Impact of Common Interests 

When thinking about your niche in the real estate business, it is vital for agents and brokers alike to stay true to who they are. At the end of the day, you need to be unapologetically unique.

Zucker is well-known for her unique interests, from being a poker enthusiast to highlighting her Hebrew language and heritage. “I do my business vertically, based on common interests,” she said. “I speak Hebrew, so one of my interests in common are people that speak Hebrew. I’m also a poker player, therefore people that I play poker with that can share stories about a game we played last week, are part of my interests in common.”

Instead of defining how you get business by traditional real estate rules, Zucker and Ciardullo take a different approach. “We sit with our agents, pull out a piece of paper and tell them to draw all of the circles of interest you have in their life, and let’s see how those bring in silos of business for you,” Zucker said.

Building Your Unique Brand on Social Media

Ciardullo offered some tips on how to build your branding and grow your connections on social media when you have a specific niche. “Be authentic to who you are,” she said. “If you love it, then there are other people who also love it and have those common interests.”

If you are looking to build a following or find the groups that fit into your specialties and interests, it is important to set aside the focus of gaining more followers and instead focus on creating a community. Facebook is a great platform to build up a community based not only on location and real estate, but common interests and highlighting your niche. 

“When you can influence a big group of people under only you and on one platform, you’re an influencer,” said Zucker. 

To learn more about how to find your niche in real estate, from location to personal interests—and for some more great insight from these panelists—view the webinar in full, below:

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