Get the Most Out of Your Educational Social Media Content

Posted on Jan 12 2022 - 4:23pm by Housecall

By Jordan Grice

When it comes to leveraging social media to drum up business in the new year, providing content that educates your audience on real estate is a great way to promote and build trust in your brand.

With access to market data and other valuable information, agents can build a winning digital marketing strategy to package and present their educational content on social media.

From leveraging video and digestible infographics to crowdsourcing ideas for future content, here are three ways to get the most out of educational content on social media.

Keep It Short and Sweet
Leveraging market data is a great way to develop unique content. Pick one or two relevant data points and break down the information and make it digestible for your audience. Whether you’re discussing the run-up of mortgage rates and home prices or making a market comparison, keep your posts as simple as possible.

Be mindful that most people are on the go when they scroll through social media, so keep your content short and sweet when citing real estate numbers in your posts.

Get Creative With Packaging
Educating your audience is a great marketing tactic. But sometimes the difference between getting a few views versus thousands is the presentation. Agents can benefit from how they package the information they post.

While social media continues to evolve, video and infographics are excellent tools for capturing the attention of scrolling users across platforms. Graphics can be leveraged with data points that you are looking to distribute regularly—monthly or quarterly—like price gains, market comparisons, mortgage rate changes, etc.

Video is also a great way to communicate directly to your audience and provides a visual storytelling opportunity for agents who aren’t camera shy. From live Q&As to video tours of your listings, there are many ways that you can use video to educate your audience.

Open a Dialogue
Engaging with your followers is essential to any agent’s social media marketing strategy. Still, it can also help drive meaningful conversations that can also lead to valuable relationships with potential clients, colleagues and mentors.

As you host virtual events—Q&As or panel discussions—take time to chat with viewers and participants to source ideas for future content and information. As the ideas flow in and the content flows out, you’ll also be promoting yourself as an agent that listens and delivers value to your followers, which can be a boon for your business in the long run.

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