Webinar Recap: The Real Competition: Are We Too Worried About the Big, Tech Focused Brokerage Models?

Posted on Nov 21 2022 - 9:00am by Paige Brown

By Devin Meenan

During the latest RISMedia webinar, moderator Sherri Johnson, CEO and founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting, aimed to assess broker feelings on whether tech is truly dominating real estate. To find out, she quizzed panelists Malinda Howell, senior vice president of brokerage at Ebby Halliday Companies and Erle Morring, broker with RealtySouth. The Webinar’s sponsor, Curbio, was represented by Sarah Smith, the company’s demand generation marketing manager for enterprise accounts

Key takeaways:

  • Even as technology changes, the fundamentals of real estate sales never do.
  • To succeed in this business, find out what approach works best for you.
  • Technology tools are useful, but recognize them as just that: tools.
  • Real estate is and remains a sales business first and foremost, so treat it as such. 

Here’s what our esteemed panelists had to say:

“Some of these disruptors, or tech giant companies, came into the Dallas-Fort Worth market about 4-5 years ago when they started. There was some fear…I’m proud to say, did we lose some people to competitors? We did, but I think it had us reevaluate what our value is as a brokerage, and as a sales leader team, and what all we provide, and we’ve never been stronger or better because of it,” -Malinda Howell, senior vice president of brokerage at Ebby Halliday Companies.

“When I came into real estate, one of the first things I did was to get an executive coach… one of the things he said to me, I had probably been in the business two months, and one of the things he said to me was, “One of the things I’ve noticed about the few real estate agents that I work with is that there is more noise in real estate than any other business that I coach people in… what you have to do every morning is wake up, cut out the noise, don’t worry about what’s happening on social media, don’t worry about the competition is doing, don’t worry about the new bright most shiny object, wake up and figure out what your business needs in order to make money,” -Erle Morring, broker with RealtySouth.

“Agents who pitch a concierge solution win 47% more listings than agents who don’t have one. Bottom line, we’re in a day and age where, if you don’t have it, someone else does,” -Sarah Smith, demand generation marketing manager for enterprise accounts at Curbio.

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