Rad Floating Units Solve Student Housing Issues in Denmark

Posted on Oct 25 2016 - 4:50pm by Zoe Eisenberg


Argh, matey! A new trend in housing is afloat in Denmark, with college students from Copenhagen solving their cash-strapped housing woes with a series of floating apartments.

The Copenhagen-based housing startup Urban Rigger designed a series of low-cost modular housing to float in Copenhagen’s urban harbors. At only $600 a month (a real deal in the trendy city), these shared living spaces provide students with a private bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.


Built with the help of Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels, each unit—crafted from modular shipping containers—can house up to 12 students. The spaces also include community gardens, kayak landings, bathing platforms, and outdoor cooking areas---and who wouldn't want to attend a college rager on a boat?

(Yes, that appears to be some sort of water hover craft...)

To make things even cooler, the floating apartments pull power from photovoltaic arrays, utilizing the area’s thermal mass of water to heat up or cool down the space. Word on the street is even NASA contributed to the energy-efficient efforts.


These units were designed specifically for students in an effort to foster positive growth and education while removing the pressure of a high rent. But Copenhagen is far from the only major university city with rocketing rents. Luckily, most major cities also have a port, making these floating units a viable option for global domination in the future – or, at least, a very solid answer to solving student housing needs.

Source: Digital Trends 

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