Webinar Recap: How to Run Your Business Like a Million-Dollar Agent

Posted on Jul 24 2019 - 10:55am by Paige Tepping

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If you’re ready to run your business like a superstar, the best thing you can do for yourself is create a long-term vision that not only details what you want your business to look like, but rather, your life as a whole.

In fact, that’s just what Paul Wheeler—a panelist on RISMedia’s recent webinar, "Run Your Business Like a Million-Dollar Agent"—did 25 years ago.

"I always say we need a roadmap or strategic plan if we want to get anywhere," explained Wheeler, and the most amazing thing happened one day when he looked up and realized he was living the vision he’d visualized.

Sponsored by Homes.com, the webinar also featured Cleve Gaddis—leader of one of Georgia’s top 10 real estate teams and coach with Workman Success Systems—and provided attendees with a behind-the-scenes look into what it takes to run a 7-figure business.

A huge proponent of mapping out one’s life down to the smallest detail, Wheeler—broker/owner and listing specialist at Accent REALTORS® in Tulsa, Okla.—kicked off the webinar by underscoring the importance of having a good vision…and a sound strategy to go along with it.

"If you have a goal you’re trying to get to in the future, you have to back into it and look at what your action has to be now," explained Wheeler, who focuses on daily planning in solitude and team huddles to build one great day after another.

For Gaddis, it’s these very same building blocks that are critical when it comes to achieving something significant.

"When you have big goals, every itty bitty step can seem insignificant, but achieving something significant is the result of tying together these seemingly insignificant steps," noted Gaddis.

But it doesn’t end there, as becoming a leader in every sense of the word is another critical component if you’re truly committed to growing a 7-figure business.

"Our voice as a leader has to be the GPS for the entire team," said Wheeler, who stressed to attendees the fact that you can’t motivate people on your own goals. Rather, you must teach them the daily activities to help them achieve their goals and provide them clarity and security.

"Everyone in the organization must have their own daily and weekly definition of success," added Gaddis, who encouraged attendees to take a hard look at their own core values. "The clearer you can be, the more influence you will have over someone else’s behavior."

While the road to superstardom is fraught with obstacles and challenges that need to be overcome, for Gaddis and Wheeler, working toward a 7-figure business is the ultimate end goal.

"Anything worthwhile is going to take some effort," said Wheeler. "Not only are you going to learn, but you’re also going to get knocked down—and you’re going to have incredible success. Enjoy the ride."

"Whatever you’re suffering now, that’s the first step on your journey to greatness," concluded Gaddis.

To learn more about how to run your business like a million-dollar agent, view the webinar below:

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