Webinar Recap: Measurable Marketing Strategies that Flat Out Dominate

Posted on Sep 30 2020 - 4:13pm by Jameson Doris

For the real estate veterans who connected on RISMedia's most recent webinar, the key to creating impactful marketing strategies is to not talk at people, instead, consumers want to know that you are capable and that they can trust you.

During RISMedia's webinar—"Measurable Marketing Strategies that Flat Out Dominate"—panelists Amy Youngren, founder and CEO at North Group; Molly McMahan, director of martech and philanthropy at Coldwell Banker McMahan; and Heather Roxburgh, founder and CEO at Heather Roxburgh Real Estate Group, discussed how important it is for potential clients to get to know you, rather than marketing at them.

The webinar was moderated by Brian Wildermuth, SVP of Real Estate Services at Deluxe Branded Marketing. Additionally, Deluxe served as sponsor of the event.

"What it's really about is how you grab [potential clients'] attention," said Wildermuth. "The average person sees upwards of 10,000 ads a day, so what it comes down to is influence.' Can you influence someone through your marketing efforts?"

Where can real estate professionals looking to influence potential clients start? Here's what the panelists had to say:

Social Media

"When I entered the real estate space, I decided that when it came to building and generating business, social media was going to be a game changer for me," said Youngren.

Facebook alone generated $69.7 billion in ad revenue in 2019, according to the company. Why do businesses invest so heavily in social media? Because it works. However, as McMahan noted, you're only going to influence clients if you utilize social media appropriately.

"Think of social media like a cocktail party," said McMahan. "You don't want to run in screaming about yourself; you should go in and ask others about their wants and needs."

Direct Mail Marketing

Another resource that is often overlooked is direct mail marketing. Through all the noise of emails and online advertising, it's easy to tune out. Direct mail marketing, on the other hand, can't truly be ignored, as Roxburgh noted. 

"If you're not doing direct mail marketing, I would recommend doing it," said Roxburgh. "Clients can't delete you...they can throw your mailer in the trash, but they have to see your face first."

For more tips on how to excel with your marketing strategy, watch the webinar below:

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